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Watching northern map turtles We adopted these emerging tools to shed some light on the mating habits of the northern map turtle : a federally listed species at risk in Canada. Cheap, submersible action cameras are changing the game. Large eggs hatch large babies. Two adult northern map turtles from Ontario showing the extreme size difference between males and females. Turtles mate when they arrive at these communal sites in the fall and afterwards, they take a five-month long winter snooze it looks like this.

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Little is known about its reproductive behaviour as it spends most of its life underwater.

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Turtles Canada 3-D printing. If a typical male encounters many females of varying sizes, which happens because of the unusual overwintering habits of this species, and cannot possibly mate with all of them, he should prefer to mate with the larger ones. Making climate science human — York, York. As we were sifting through videos from our experiments, we witnessed a number of phenomena we did not know were possible, including a female map turtle seemingly squeaking at a female decoy and a loon attacking a male decoy.

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